About Me

About Me


Besides designing, I enjoy working with my hands. Whether that be outside in the yard or on my car, it doesn’t matter. I also love eating, finding the latest gadgets and spending time with family and friends.

When I have the opportunity, I would love to learn to skydive, skateboard and play a guitar, not necessarily in that order.

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Aug 2003 – May 2008
University of Oklahoma
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design
Norman, OK

Earned Bachelor of Fine Arts in May of 2008, majoring in Visual Communications with a minor in Art History, totaling one year of Photography education and three years of Graphic Design


Buy For Less Grocery Current
Jan 2019 – Present

Graphic Designer

  • Create multi-tiered promotions for 4 very different brands owned by Buy For Less, across 12 locations
  • Create weekly ads for in-store posters, digital signs, billboard, and many other arenas
  • Maintain digital platforms: billboard, screens, menus, etc
  • Create uniquely store-specific signage that not only goes with the brand, but also with the current decor/architecture
  • Find ways to GETMO, rather than spinning wheels, striving for perfection. Good Enough To Move On.

Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores

Oklahoma City, OK
Apr 2015 – Dec 2018
Graphic Designer

  • Designed monthly promotions for use in-store, online, digital presence and in-flyer advertisements, and roadside billboards
  • Designed in-store signage for Merchandising promotions, custom store projects
  • Designed tradeshow signage, outdoor signage, web and collateral for Trillium CNG, a Love’s owned company
  • Created and modified internal email templates for department & company-wide distribution
  • Set up projects to be designed, printed and shipped on time to Love’s national 400+ store chain
  • One of 5 specialized, but cross-trained designers in a 30+ size Marketing team

OnCue Express Convenience Stores
Stillwater, OK
Sep 2014 – Apr 2015
Graphic Design Coordinator

  • Designed oversized store windows among many other sized signs, animated signs in After Effects
  • Alternated with other designer to create 10+ page newsletter every month
  • Created brand new Gift Certificate system for office use in MS Office Mail Merge (Word + Excel)
  • Managed digital signs company-wide and website promotions, create social promotions

Mathis Brothers Furniture

Oklahoma City, OK
Nov 2010 – Aug 2014
Full-Time Graphic Designer

  • Designed full campaigns including print, digital and web: from concept to production
  • Worked on extremely tight deadlines to meet highest possible retail promotion visibility
  • Created web ads, maintained website, designed & coded emails, Facebook promotions
  • Managed all email blasts company-wide, managed all digital signs and billboards
  • Absorbed 2 coworkers’ jobs after they left
  • Department of the Year 2013

Oklahoma Web Design & Hosting

Oklahoma City, OK
Jun 2009 – Jan 2011
Contract Graphic Designer

  • Worked on a per-job basis, creating a wide variety of designs
  • Designed logos, print media, website layouts, PowerPoint revisions, etc.


Oklahoma City, OK
Jan 2004 – Aug 2014
Part-time Warehouse Labor

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