Love’s Iced Coffee

The goal was to create signage and supplementary animation that introduces and promotes Iced Coffee. “Hello, Iced to Meet You” was offered as a way to make a short, snappy introduction that’s just cheesy enough to stick with the customer.


  • Uses Love’s Java Amore brandmark throughout
  • Clear Cup design
  • Permanent Urn Wrap with Logo on 3 sides and instructions on front
  • Wobbler and other signage to promote new offering
  • Should be modern & new

Love’s Roller Grill 4th Quarter Promo

The goal was to create signage and supplementary animation that changes the items featured to 2015 4th Quarter Roller Grill LTO (Limited Time Offer) items.


  • Features 2 Specific Items — Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sausage and Bahama Mama German Smoked Sausage
  • Day Parts — Breakfast show in AM and Lunch/Dinner in PM
  • Includes logos
  • Includes “1/3 lb” on Bahama Mama, with a good value statement
  • Has “Limited Time Offer” Bar
  • Works with other Love’s signage

Fair Life 2/$4 Promo

The goal was to create a Love’s cooler decal that would promote Fair Life chocolate milk to customers passing by this open-air cooler in the stores. Messaging had to be clean and concise for a quick read. For the digital screens, I added animation to the design with a custom splash effect.


  • Fair Life product, logo, and description, fine print
  • 50% more protein, 30% more calcium tagline
  • Fit on cooler glass panel or on-screen
  • Worked with other Love’s signage