Love’s Java Amore Coffee Identity Refresh


The goal was to refresh the Love’s-owned Java Amore coffee logo & identity to bring it modern, fresh and thereby increase visibility.  The sunburst was introduced as the defining concept as a sunrise for your day.  

The logo was ultimately chosen from a selection of 6 different options, each from a different designer.  The last round even included a public focus group to study actual customer opinions.

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Animated Web Ads


The goal was to refresh the promo every few months with a few more or less details, to garner a little more attention from frequent over-the-road truck visitors. It was placed in conspicuous areas around the store.

Love’s Jerky Refresh


Love’s Jerky has been active for awhile and needed a refresh to look a little less dated. The idea was to keep it looking like an in-house brand, but with a modern spin. The kraft paper texture was used to illustrate this fact.

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Love’s Iced Coffee

The goal was to create signage and supplementary animation that introduces and promotes Iced Coffee. “Hello, Iced to Meet You” was offered as a way to make a short, snappy introduction that’s just cheesy enough to stick with the customer.

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Fair Life 2/$4 Promo

The goal was to create a Love’s cooler decal that would promote Fair Life chocolate milk to customers passing by this open-air cooler in the stores. Messaging had to be clean and concise for a quick read. For the digital screens, I added animation to the design with a custom splash effect.

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