The goal was to refresh the Love’s-owned Java Amore coffee logo & identity to bring it modern, fresh and thereby increase visibility.  The sunburst was introduced as the defining concept as a sunrise for your day.  

The logo was ultimately chosen from a selection of 6 different options, each from a different designer.  The last round even included a public focus group to study actual customer opinions.


  • Uses established Java Amore brand name
  • Refresh Cup Design (main point of customer contact)
  • Includes Current Flavor Offerings (House, Brazilian, Dark, Colombian, LTO)
  • Includes Love’s Branding
  • Works for Professional Drivers and Traveling Public alike
  • Applies on dozens of sizes throughout the store

Design Credits

Sunburst Logo, Cups, Initial Urn and Header: Jared Mabrey
Tweaks and Supplementary Items: James Adams & Kris Kern 


The Sunburst logo has now been translated into working on multiple items including:

  • Fruit Cups & Veggie Cups
  • House Brand Candy Bags


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